Drug Charges in Asheville, NC

Drug Charges in Asheville, NC

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When it comes to criminal offenses, some of the most common ones that we see on a day to day basis are drug charges. None of these offenses, however, should be treated as common, rather each one should be handled on an individual basis because each has its own impact on its recipient.

​Some offenses, such as simple possession of marijuana, can be punished by a fine only. Some offenses, however, can be punished by over 23 years in prison! Don't trust your legal needs in these matters to just anyone. Put your trust in Mike.

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Get help from a drug attorney in Asheville, NC

Some of the most common criminal offenses we see at the Law Office of Michael J. Macht are drug charges. However, we know that every drug case is different and should be handled on an individual basis. Simple charges, such as marijuana possession, may only be punished with a fine. More serious charges could be punished by 20+ years in prison. That's why you shouldn't trust your case to just any attorney in Asheville, NC.

Attorney Macht will tailor your criminal defense to your specific situation. He'll work hard to lessen the impact of drug charges on your life. Call 828-252-0002 now to schedule a consultation.

No case is too complex for attorney Macht

Attorney Macht has handled a variety of drug cases in Asheville, NC. If you've been charged with...

  • Drug possession
  • Drug distribution
  • Drug trafficking

... turn to him for help. Contact him today to start working on your case.